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To be a positive light with a healing touch to release tension, restore function in a safe and healing environment

 The healing power of sacred touch is invaluable to our fast-paced society. This type of bodywork offers nurturing touch, authentic presence and intention to engage the whole person into deeper levels of relaxation and re-education of the body.  She is passionate about the positive effects of therapy on the body and mind.

Therapeutic - Medical - Sports - Relaxation

Clinical Massage


Clinical massage targets specific areas of concerns to alleviate symptoms of nerve impingement, sprains and chronic muscular pain. Work is focused on bringing the body back into balance by working the fascia-soft tissue component of the connective tissue system. The pressure will begin light, but progresses to deeper levels as tolerated by the client. This approach can be either corrective or generally therapeutic

Sports Massage


Sports massage uses a combination of deeper muscle tissue manipulation, cross fiber friction to disrupt adhesions and scar tissue within the muscle itself as well as the tendinous junctions, and active and passive stretches for increased flexibility and longer resting length. These techniques can increase function and range of motion and improve performance, whether you are an avid triathlete or just an office desk jockey.

Fascia Blasting


FasciaBlasting is a manual therapy using Ashley Blacks Fascia Blaster to break up connective tissues. Restricted and unhealthy fascia create so much havoc to the nerves, blood, muscles fibers, spine, joint and brain.

Happy thoughts from our clients

Joann is one of the best massage therapist I have known. I have been a recipient of massage therapies for 15 years, and Joann is one of the best I’ve found. She’s bright and very knowledgeable, grounded, and tuned into her client. She continues to learn new massage techniques and tools that make her even more expert in her craft. Through my session with Joann I’ve come to trust in the healing power of massage. I would recommend Joann Escalante to anyone who are seeking a great massage therapist.

Joann Escalante is a gifted massage therapist. I've been to several over the years and never have I found someone who reduced my pain and tension so significantly--and immediately. Ms. Escalante is extraordinarily knowledgeable about the human body and conducts her analysis of the problem with confidence and efficiency. Once she isolates the problem, she works with you to eradicate it with remarkable precision and effectiveness.I leave each session feeling so much better thanks to her amazing skill! To top it off, she is welcoming, approachable, and beaming with kindness, making one feel instantly at ease. To sum it up, she's simply THE BEST!

I have worked with Joann over the past year to help with chronic over use issues. As a triathlete the most common injury comes from overuse. Swimming, biking and running have not only put wear and tear but over issues resulting in tightlness, soreness and even limited range of motion issues. If left untreated these issues can even change the exercise form resulting ultimately in injuries that can side line you as an athlete. I started going to Joann to relieve tightness in my legs and hips and the IMPACT was both immediate and significant. Through her techniques she isolates and then engages muscles group that have become unengaged from over use, releasing them to return to their normal function. This releasing of the specific muscles provide immediate relief and a marked improvement in my performance. The techniques she employs are not necessarily comfortable, meaning this is not a relaxation type of massage. I equate it more to physical therapy type of experience, and the results are fabulous. I highly recommend her services for any athlete regardless of your level and or distances as regular visits to her will help maintain proper exercise form and help prevent debilitating injuries that will not only side line you from training and events, but possibly even cause the need for a physicians attention. She is simply great!

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Learning Experience

Our therapists fully explain the techniques and services they are using.

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