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Today's Facia Blasting

We are trained in all medical, sports, and neuromuscular massage techniques

FASCIA: Is otherwise know as “connective tissue” is a web like structure covering and interweaving through our entire body.

FasciaBlasting is a manual therapy using Ashley Blacks Fascia Blaster to break up connective tissues. Restricted and unhealthy fascia create so much havoc to the nerves, blood, muscles fibers, spine, joint and brain.

FASCIA can become tightened and adhered.By using the Fascia Blaster, we can work on releasing and elongate the fascia. This can provide a dramatic effect on one’s posture, it can reduce pain, allow for more FREEDOM of movement to restore functions.

Many benefits of fascia blasting

  • Break up fascia adhesions/scar tissue
  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Increase circulation
  • Fascia is more pliable
  • Potentially improve cellulite(fascia) appearance and fat pockets


Fascia Blasting Treatments
(Include private steaming)

  • 30 minutes $57
  • 60 minutes $115.00 (1-2 parts covered)
  • 90 minutes $155.00 (Recommended)


  • 5-pack  30 mins sessions $258 (save $29.50)
  • 5-pack 60 sessions $517 ($58 savings)
  • 10-pack 30 mins sessions $516 (save $59)
  • 10- pack 60 sessions $1034 ($116 savings)
  • 5-pack 90 mins sessions $765 ($85 savings)
  • 10-pack 90 mins sessions $1530 ($170 savings)

Treatment packages are non-refundable; However, there are transferable to family and friends. When you purchase packages, you agree to these terms and conditions.


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